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The Clash of Thrones, Frank Henry
Poetry, Vol. 3 (Classic Reprint), Monroe Harriet

Excerpt from The Clash of Thrones: A Series of Sonnets on the European War Possibly this manner of presenting the Story of the War may assist in memorising ... więcej

Excerpt from Poetry, Vol. 3 The Two Kings We Ride but slowly though so near our home." King Eochaid said, and he that bore his shield Sighing replied: ... więcej

Shots at Random (Classic Reprint), England Howell Stroud
A Soliloquy of Life, Leibfreed Edwin

Excerpt from Shots at Random About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at www.forgottenbooks. ... więcej

Excerpt from A Soliloquy of Life: And Other Poems No, no, no! Cried the Beautiful Cloud, And the Whispering Wind went away, But it could not forget the ... więcej

The Italian Poets (Classic Reprint), Hunt Leigh
The Works of Robert Burns, Vol. 2 (Classic Reprint), Burns Robert

Excerpt from The Italian Poets Queen Elizabeth, is not always unlike Ariosto; but when not in good spirits he becomes as dull as if her majesty had frowned ... więcej

Excerpt from The Works of Robert Burns, Vol. 2 The pieces marked thus f are not contained in Dr Carrie 3 edi ti;on and a considerable proportion of them ... więcej

Aftermath (Classic Reprint), Dresser Elmer E.
Matins and Vespers, Bowring John

Excerpt from Aftermath The twenty-two poems in this volume are a genuine aftermath to my two former volumes, Wild Flowers and Poems of Purpose. The little ... więcej

Excerpt from Matins and Vespers: With Hymns and Occasional Devotional Pieces So much of serene and so much of joyful feeling, so much of calm and grateful ... więcej

Rd Sordello, Browning Robert
The Angel and the King, Wilstach John Augustine

Excerpt from Rd Sordello: From the Author's Revised Tert The poems of Robert Browning contained in these two volumes will be found to include, with one ... więcej

Excerpt from The Angel and the King: And Other Poems The Angel And The King. "Arise!" an Angel said to Charlemagne, The guardian angel of his life and ... więcej

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